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Software-Engineer (m/f/d)
Aktualität: 23.09.2021


23.09.2021, AIRAES GmbH
Software-Engineer (m/f/d)
Design in the team concepts, algorithms and neural net architectures for treating audio and image dataimplement AI-software-components and/or neural nets with Java, C++ and/or Python (using Tensorflow) under Windows, Ubuntu and/or Android/IOS create test data for the training of neural nets train and optimize neural nets UI related: design in the team concepts for graphical user interfaces for Android/IOS you implement software including tests with Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C and/or C++ integrating Tensorflow models Backend/Base-Software-Libraries related: design in the team concepts for OS independent libraries and/or web/REST-Services you implement software including unit tests in Java, Objective-C, C++ and/or Python (using Tensorflow) which shouldn't depend on a specific OS
Agile software development (e.g., Scrum) Java-SE, Java-JEE, Python, C++, Objective-C, Kotlin, Swift, Grovy Scala (ideally at least 3 of those programming languages) Test driven development / practiced in writing unit tests Tensorflow, PyTorch or another Framework used for Machine Learning Maven and/or Gradle Android, IOS, Ubuntu or another Linux distribution, Windows (ideally at least 2 of those operating systems) App-Development under Android and/or IOS familiar with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and/or Data Science Algorithms Background Knowledge in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, other natural sciences curious about the foundation of intelligence, cognition and creativity This know-how would be beneficial Understanding of Robotics, Electronic, Acoustics Soft skills: insatiable curiosity in general persistent, being able to endure dry spells philosophical inclination ability to think highly abstract solution oriented understanding of cybernetic and systemic context empathy and the wish for a well, constructive and developing cooperationtolerance related to failures and willingness to draw attention to those benevolence towards colleges



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