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Oracle Database Administrator (d/m/f)
Premstätten (Österreich)
Aktualität: 17.07.2024


17.07.2024, AMS OSRAM
Premstätten (Österreich)
Oracle Database Administrator (d/m/f)
Your work will be done in accordance with our IT oustsourcing partner Monitoring and Maintaining the Oracle Database Software Define and control the setup of the Oracle database software to ensure optimal performance Apply patches and updates to keep the system secure and up-to-date Set up and manage user accounts, granting appropriate access levels Define and control the autonomous database backups that our outsourcing partner creates to safeguard critical data Regularly update and enhance database security protocols to prevent unauthorized access Creating Storage Database Structures Design and construct high-security storage structures within the database Adapt storage configurations as per the evolving needs of the company Debugging and Troubleshooting Identify and resolve issues affecting database integrity Debug malfunctioning programs that impact database performance
Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science, Information Systems or any other science/engineering related field Proven work experience as a Database Administrator or related field Familiarity with Oracle database design, coding, and documentation Knowledge of database backup procedures, recovery systems, and SQL Understanding of programming languages and APIs Excellent communication and problem-solving abilities Ability and willingness to work with our IT outsourcing partner Ability to visualize algorithmic structures Excellent communication skills both in English and German We offer a higher compensation depending on your expertise and skills.



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Oracle Database Administrator (d/m/f) 17.07.2024 Premstätten (Österreich)
IT Security Expert (d/m/d) 17.07.2024 Premstätten (Österreich)